March 31 , 2009 

Hi Folks ;

  We are a family band of three generations , and play numerous songs ranging from Traditional music , country , light rock and gospel .

   Our family band consists of our grandfather Horace , who loves to play the lead guitar for the group . Our father Brad , who plays rhytm guitar , bass and does equaled amount of vocals . Our mother Mandy , who helps out with vocals and setting up for performances . And as well as ourselves , Alisha and Brandon . We are now 11 and 13 years old , and have been playing for the past 4 years , right from our churches in our Parish , to the stage at the Puffin Festival at Elliston , Newfoundland . Last but not least , our grandmother Norma , who continues to support us with Love and Guidance . ( We Love you Nan )

  We currently have two cd's released , and are sold locally on the Bonavista Pennisula , Newfoundland . Our Traditional Cd is called Time to Planker Down . and our Christmas Cd  is called Christmas at the Cabin . And we plan to start our gospel Cd within the next couple of weeks .

  We thank everone who has given us support and to continue to do so . A special thank you to Kelly Russell ( Famous NFLD Fiddler ) , who had been behind the scenes , teaching us how to play the instruments and getting rid of stage fright . And a special thank you to Carolyn Fowlow , of English Harbour , a local community in our area , who continues to play and teach new gospel hymns to us for the past two years . Thank you both very much .

  We hope to see you in the future , and please come along and say HI !


      The Hookey's

Alisha and Brandon 

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